About Us

What is Transpoll?

TransPoll is a platform for thinking persons with heart, wit and desire for a world without wars.

It is inclusive space for affable, softer and sustained conversations between citizens of the world and key office holders in countries which can help or hamper world without wars. To begin with, we initiate this engagement with the next President of the USA whose election is taking place on 8 Nov 2016.

You can vote for one of the two main candidates and start conversations on issues that affect billions. Your vote may influence American friends to make a choice which is good for the rest of the world too.

Why do we do this?

Citizens’ opinions are sought and offered in many ways: formally, institutionally and regularly; or informally, randomly and strategically. They have different names, functions, modes and purposes.

The organized form is voting by citizens. The random forms are Tweets, Face Book posts, opinion pieces in newspapers, and blogs where informal votes are volunteered, seriously, satirically, or angrily.

At TransPoll we can ‘vote’ for issues that have potentially global impact.

Why engaging with the US Presidential elections?

US Presidential elections are the most followed political event globally. US President is one of the most important political persons who can help or hamper global peace, stability and wellbeing of billions.

A selfish or less-thoughtful decision of the US president has ‘collateral damage’ implications for millions. Whereas a right decision of the incumbent can trigger pleasant ramifications for many millions as well.

Till 2012, US voters elected ‘their President’ while we the non-US voters watched from the margins. Now it’s time for us to engage with US elections directly and help elect a person most suited for this job.

‘Our vote’ may help think friends in the USA to elect a person as 46th President who is not only right for 300 million Americans but who cares for the rest of the 7 billion people of the planet Earth as well.

US President is ours too (UPOT):

In theory and rhetoric, US Presidents look after the interests of US Citizens. In practice they appear to have looked after the ‘interests of the powerful Interests’ (IPIs) in America: pertinently, the interests of the oil & missile folks who often bring mayhem to humanity and the planet Earth.

From 2016 US elections, let us vote for a candidate who after becoming the President could act Global Ambassador of non-US citizens and is not swayed by the US-based IPIs. our voting will morally urge the 46th President of the USA to serve as Non-American Voters’ Ambassador at large. A US president with heart and conscience at the right place can be a global asset; a wrong person can be a global disaster.

What is and is not allowed at TransPoll:

In the last 100 years we have produced more per capita distrust, suspicion, anger and hatred than our ancestors did in the previous 100,000 years. Like CFC emissions are threat to ecology, anger and hatred are injurious to human ecology and cohabitation. Our world needs a break from these demons.

We reckon that freedom of expression is the heart of democracy, but we feel that being human means our expressions come from heart and help connect with another heart. Therefore, quite like a real life social situation - where if our expression is likely to hurt friends, we mend it to make it polite, and try to express it with wit and humour - at TransPoll too, let us avoid caustic comments that cause humiliation and hurt, and lead to anger or hatred.

We trust the members of community can better discern nuanced distinction of anger from agitation and heated-debate from hatred. Thus, the right to identify and vote out hate rests with the community.

If you find a comment or a statement that in your view is hate or too angry, you can suggest the author to rethink and review. The original author will have the option to reword, retract or explain it.

Who is behind TransPoll!

TransPoll is an individual’s initiative. No group, government or corporate entity is supporting it in any way. It is a non-partisan and non-profit initiative which has emerged from the ashes of 9/11 tragedy.

Fifteen years ago, the tragic incident of 9/11 caused hurt and mayhem that does not seem to end by traditional means. Trillions of dollars have been spent on defence and security. Billions have been burnt in conflict and the politics of oil. Millions have been displaced from their homes. Hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. The ramifications of 9/11 multiplied global production of distrust and suspicion of ‘the other’. And, tens of thousands young persons in the world have been invested with the notion of ‘How to hurt & kill an American’.

TransPoll wishes to undo the hurt and suspicion that ensued 9/11 tragedy by invoking the idea of ‘How to hug & kiss an American’! We hope our imaginative embrace of the other leads to world without wars

We also hope to generate a democratic cordial collectivity where people debate, contest and influence decisions with collateral implications. Dynamic interactions and softly sustained conversations among people and leaders beyond their geographical borders and social blinders would lead to a world where war is not even the last resort to resolve any international, regional or national issue.

Thus, TransPoll seeks to constructively respond to the boundless distrust by generating more interest in, and trust on others through interaction between politically aware citizens, and the global leaders.

Arshed H. Bhatti, the founder of TransPoll is Pakistani National and Canadian Resident. He studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science. For living, he does freelance consulting. To celebrate being, he writes songs, and indulges in political imagination. He likes to dream of ways that add humour, delight, and more smiles in our daily routines.

He believes that wars will end as humans grow out of fear and suspicion, and embrace compassion. He holds that humans must not fail themselves and fellow humans due to a failure of their imagination.