Donald John Trump

Donald John Trump is the Presidential candidate of the Republican Party. He has not held any public office before. If elected the US President, he will make history on this account. Mr. Trump wears many hats: He hosted popular TV shows, acted in Hollywood movies, and sat as judge of the beauty pageants. His business concerns include real estate, sports and entertainment. He is one of the many billionaires in the USA. He has also been a supporter of the Democratic Party in the past. His campaign speeches have been full of loud and spicy thoughts about Hispanics, immigrants, and other identified groups. His oddball comments got him into headlines, and made him controversially popular. Mr. Trump has been accused of dividing Americans with his unvarnished slogans. But his supporters see him as a person who will solve their economic problems and increase their pride as Americans. If elected the 45th President of the USA, he and the world would be equally amused and surprised. His slogan is 'Make America Great Again'. We wish him luck in this race.

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“Make America Great Again”

— Donald Trump

If elected by the US citizens, do you think Donald Trump will be a good news for the rest of the world?