Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Dian Rodham Clinton, a lawyer by training, is the candidate of the Democratic Party. If elected, she will make history on three counts: the 1st woman President of the USA; the 1st couple who became Presidents; and, two consecutive presidents elected from the same party. Popularly known as 'Hillary Clinton', she has been the US Secretary of State; first lady of the US; and first lady of Arkansas. She has thus been in the political limelight and public eye since 1979. If elected, she may positively influence global culture in favour of more women in politically critical positions. Presumptive President Hillary Clinton is not a billionaire like her rival candidate but seems to have billion dollar wit, intellect, confidence and exposure. She has seen the world both literally and metaphorically. She has travelled to over 110 countries as the US Secretary of State and the first lady of the USA. Her campaign slogan is 'Stronger Together'. We wish her luck to be the 45th President of the USA.

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“Stronger Together”

— Hillary Clinton

If elected by the US citizens, do you think Hillary Clinton will be a good news for the rest of the world?